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What’s one of the four characteristics of an ideal canine family member?
Temperament, behavioral health, physical health and longevity, and structure.
If you want to improve your dog’s strength, you must progressively increase the total work that your dog’s muscles do. What do we mean by total work?

Total Work is a combination of the frequencyduration, and intensity that your dog experiences.

This test, first published in the 70’s, was thought by many to be the definitive test for determining whether an animal had the most basic of self-concepts – the ability to recognize that it has a body (1). What is the test called?

The Mirror Mark Test

What are the 6 types of fitness exercises?

The components of fitness are strength, proprioception, balance, flexibility, proprioception, and aerobic capacity

Found in Volume 3 | Issue 8 | July 2020 – Stop Taking Your Dog for a Walk

We all know that humans have 5 senses. But recently a 6th sense has been identified in dogs. What is it?


The ability to sense heat

Found in Volume 3 | Issue 4 | March 2020 – Your Dog Has a Newly Discovered Superpower!

There are three main components to a dog’s nervous system. Most of us are familiar with the sensory and motor components. What is the third component? 
Proprioception is the third component of the nervous system

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