It’s a Real Pain

“MAKE him do it!” “He’s just giving you the doggie dew claw!” “Pick him up and throw him over the jump!” These were some of the comments I

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Who is That Dog in the Mirror?

Does your dog think about itself? How we perceive ourselves, or our self-image, greatly influences how we think, feel, and relate to the rest of the world. You

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Yeast – Yuck!

We have all seen dogs that have reddish-brown tear stains under the eyes. But lots of dogs also have red-brown stains on the fur of their mustaches, ears, between

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Inflammatory Food?

Fifty years ago, the sugar industry quietly paid researchers at Harvard University to indicate that dietary fat was the major nutritional cause of heart disease

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Build Stamina – Prevent Injuries!

Stamina is the strength and energy that allows your dog to sustain physical and/or mental effort for long periods of time. Increasing your dog’s stamina reduces fatigue and exhaustion and therefore helps prevent

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About the Author

CHRIS ZINK DVM PhD DACVP DACVSMR CCRT CVSMT CVA is one of the world’s top canine sports medicine and rehabilitation veterinarians.
She has helped thousands of dogs and their owners identify, diagnose and treat injuries. Chris has put over 150 titles on her dogs and remains an active competitor in an array of dog sports with Hobby, her Golden Retriever, and Helix, her Norwich Terrier.