Puppy Bundle!

This puppy bundle includes the Exercising and Training Puppies and
4 Easy Steps to Evaluating Puppy Structure webinars!

Exercising and Training Puppies:

Puppies need exercise – but only the right kind at the right time! When to start? What to do? Learn all about the what and when of puppy exercise from Dr. Chris Zink.

4 Easy Steps to Evaluating Puppy Structure:

Dr. Chris Zink teaches us how to evaluate puppy structure! This webinar received rave reviews when viewed live and is now being shared widely with breeders and puppy owners to help better match pups to their new homes.

The 4 Easy Steps to Evaluating Puppy Structure webinar includes:

  • How to set up
  • How to stack
  • Evaluate structure
  • Evaluate gait

3 Handouts are also included:

  1. Outline of the Webinar (in video)
  2. Working Dog Structure Handout
  3. Puppy Evaluation Form (in video)

Available for Streaming on Vimeo: