Puppy Bundle!

This puppy bundle includes the Exercising and Training Puppies and 4 Easy Steps to Evaluating Puppy Structure webinars!

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Exercising and Training Puppies – What to do When!

Puppies need exercise – but only the right kind at the right time! When to start? What to do? Learn all about the what and when of puppy exercise from Dr. Chris Zink.

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4 Steps to Evaluate Puppy Structure

World-renowned sports medicine veterinarian, Dr. Chris Zink teaches us how to evaluate puppy structure! This webinar received rave reviews when viewed live and is now being shared widely with breeders and puppy owners to help better match pups to their new homes.

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Three Video Series: Our Most Popular Webinars!

  1. Gait Training for Fitness and Performance

  2. Honoring Our Senior Dogs

  3. Managing Arthritis in Active Dogs

You asked, we listened! You can now get 3 of our most popular webinars for 1 low price!

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Train Your Dog to Gait for Fitness and Performance Longevity!

Optimal gait is essential for producing powerful movement. In this webinar, Dr. Chris Zink demonstrates how you can easily train your dog to trot, canter and gallop with strong, balanced drive regardless of whether your dog is competing in conformation or performance events or just playing or going for a hike. Knowing exactly how to gait is also pivotal for detecting lameness. It is never too late to train a dog of any age to gait with balance and strength.

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How to Improve Vitality, Quality of Life, and Longevity in Senior Dogs

Everyone agrees—our senior dogs are special. We have unique, loving relationships with these dogs that have shared our lives for years. When we see their muzzles turning grey, we hope that there will have many more years to spend together.

Dr. Chris Zink has designed this webinar to provide you with dozens of easily applied tips and tricks to not just increase your senior dog’s lifespan, but their health span, so that your senior will live every one of their days healthy, active and enjoying life. What a gift to give your lifetime friend!

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Managing Arthritis in Active Dogs

Most dogs will experience osteoarthritis as they age.

In this webinar, Dr. Chris Zink provides new, science-based, accessible information on how to manage this chronic condition, helping your dog age gracefully and live a long, comfortable life.

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Shoulder Injuries in Dogs

Dr. Chris Zink discusses shoulder injuries, one of the most common injuries in active dogs.

Topics Include: Why shoulders are susceptible to injury, types of shoulder injuries, how to identify a shoulder injury in your dog, and diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries.

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I Spy – Early Detection of Injuries

Dr. Chris Zink discusses early injury detection in active dogs! 

Topics Include: Improving your observation skills, identifying subtle pain signals, which health screens to perform and when, what your dog’s stance tells you, and what videos can reveal

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Preparing Dams For Success In Pregnancy,
Whelping, & Recovery

Chris Zink discusses the best exercises to do with your dam and stud dog!

Topics Include: Exercises to prepare your dam and stud dog for breeding, appropriate exercises for each stage of pregnancy, when not to exercise your dam, balance, proprioception and core strength exercises, and getting your dam back in shape after whelping

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