For Veterinarians, Physical Therapists
and Veterinary Technicians/Nurses

For Veterinarians, Physical Therapists and Vet Techs/Nurses

Canine Sports Medicine Modules

Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation modules are an important component of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute’s rehabilitation program for veterinarians, physical therapists, registered veterinary technicians/nurses and physical therapy assistants. In this module Chris Zink uses abundant photographic and video material to provide students with a detailed understanding of structure and locomotion as they relate to performance, an introduction to canine sporting events, and in depth information on sports injuries in canine athletes, including their causes, prevention and rehabilitation. The role that psychology plays in the rehabilitation of the canine athlete is also discussed. Participants get abundant hands-on experience with dogs on site.

Event Schedule

 Date: May 21-23, 2022

Canine Sports Medicine Module

Canine Rehabilitation Institute
Halingenstraat 57, 3806 Velm, Belgium.

"Thank you, Chris, for sharing your knowledge with us, answering all our questions, and doing it with such good humour."
--- Glenda M., Winnipeg, MB
"This is my third time attending one of [Chris Zink's] presentations in the past nine years and each one has been better than the previous."
--- Lorraine L., Winnipeg, MB
"It was the most fantastic seminar I've ever been to (and I've just about seen 'em all!). If you are competing, get to this seminar!"
--- Kathy S, OH

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