The Gift of Being the Only Dog

Some roads lead on from what you knowTo what you need to find— Della Mae My very first Golden Retriever, Cajun, was the dog who really got me hooked on canine sports. We competed in obedience, conformation, hunt tests, and the then-new sport of flyball. All that time spent developing a whole new relationship with Cajun […]

It’s a Real Pain

“MAKE him do it!” “He’s just giving you the doggie dew claw!” “Pick him up and throw him over the jump!” These were some of the comments I heard as I tried to understand why my experienced obedience dog would not jump the bar jump. This was a long time ago, but it is a lesson I have never […]

Who is That Dog in the Mirror?

Does your dog think about itself? How we perceive ourselves, or our self-image, greatly influences how we think, feel, and relate to the rest of the world. You recognize, for example, that you have a physical body, and you might describe yourself as tall, short, athletic or clumsy. You also know that you have a social self – […]

Yeast – Yuck!

We have all seen dogs that have reddish-brown tear stains under the eyes. But lots of dogs also have red-brown stains on the fur of their mustaches, ears, between the toes, and at the base of the toenails. People often dismiss these stains, thinking they are just part of the way the dog is. In fact, they are not […]

Inflammatory Food?

Fifty years ago, the sugar industry quietly paid researchers at Harvard University to indicate that dietary fat was the major nutritional cause of heart disease (1). Their study was published in the prominent New England Journal of Medicine, and it laid the foundation for decades of nutrition misinformation perpetrated on the public by well-meaning organizations such as […]

Build Stamina – Prevent Injuries!

Stamina is the strength and energy that allows your dog to sustain physical and/or mental effort for long periods of time. Increasing your dog’s stamina reduces fatigue and exhaustion and therefore helps prevent injuries. That’s important to all of us, whether we have a competition dog or a family dog.​Stamina is often confused with endurance, but they are quite different. The easiest way […]

Play Ball!…Safely

Cody strained at his leash as he entered my examination room. A brown and white pitbull mix with soft eyes, large neck and shoulder muscles, and a beautiful sheen to his coat, he rubbed the side of his big body against my legs then flipped over onto his back, begging for a belly rub. His […]